Zombies are undead creatures from the Wizard World that have appeared in some episodes. They
are considered monsters, and they speak "zomb-ish". Alex explains in Get Along, Little Zombie that every wizard learns it when they are little, and she translates what Abercrombie, the Zombie said to Harper. Abercrombie thought, according to Alex, that her brains smelled "cute and tasty". They eat human brains. When he bit into Mr. Laritate, he turned him into a zombie and it is shown that they can control themselves and not eat everyone they see. Zombies were also in Wizards & Vampires Vs. Zombies , and it is shown that they can also speak English. They live in a graveyard and have ripped clothing. They were "invited" to a zombie prom that Max accidently sent to them, and came close to eating some of the students. They said they were in a music video, possibly Thriller. They were challenged to a dance off, by the zombie prom students. They lost, including losing some of their body parts.

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