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Zack Rosenblatt
Full name

Zack Rosenblatt


Unknown (age 17)


New York City, NY



First ep


Portrayed by

Dan Benson

Zack Rosenblatt is one of Justin's math friends in "Movies". Zack was portrayed by Dan Benson, and was later reworked as a new character named Zeke Beakerman.


Zack first appears in "Movies" as one of Justin's older friends. He has a conversation with Alex in which she's disappointed to find out that he's not a nerd.

Later at school, Zack is talking to Susan about the new Ruby Donahue barrette store that opened in Brooklyn, when Alex walks up to them. They make plans to go to the store, and to watch Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2.

Once at the movies, Zack and the rest of his friends end up leaving early. He explains to Justin that the movie was too scary.


Zack was voted "Least Boring" in the school yearbook for three years in a row.


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