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Vlad is a character in Wizards of Waverly Place.

He only appered in wizards of waverly place spellbound a sequal DS-Game to the original Wizards of Waverly Place Game.

He was the secondary villan of the game the first was Amy.

He dated Harper only for her blood but Alex find out that he was a vampire all along and alex discovers his plan.

Alex turns herself into a hamster to spy on Harper and Vlad but Vlad sees the hamster and chases it, Alex was able to turn her self back to normal and defeat Vlad with magic.

When Alex won the fashion shorting w it is reveled that Vlad and Harper date again but we know that they broke up because Harper dated Zeke in the Wizard of Waverly Place series finale.

But bland did not apeered in anything but the wizards of waverly place spellbound ds game and he will never apeer in anything else because the overall Wizards of Waverly place franchise appers to be over.


Vlad's name chould be a term of the word blood, and since some Vampires are from Romania they pronounce the word "Vlad" instead of "blood".It is also the first name of Bram Stokers most famous Vampier the Vlad Dracula but at same time ,the name of Vlad III Impaler -Dracul.

  • Vlad is the secondary villain of the Wizards of Waverly place spellbound game, but he has never met the main vilain of the game: "Amy.

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