• WizardJeremy

    Wizard Competition

    December 1, 2014 by WizardJeremy

    I was thinking after watching The Good, The Bad and the Alex and the whole Wizard Competition and one wizard keeps their powers.

    I realised alot of people hated the idea one wizard keeps their power, as well as i do hate its so restricting but at the same time i know why would they do that for multiple reasons.

    • Evil Wizards
      • Just in case theres a family of multiple Siblings and one of the wizard is evil they could take away their powers, sometimes before the Wizard competition
      • Even if theres a evil wizard in which wins, in order to win they have to be great at magic and use it wisely, even after the competition they have to make a commitment to keep magic good.
    • Strongest
      • The strongest sibling at magic, meaning if they're good at spells, potions a…
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