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    So we all know WOWP will end on Jaunary 6th right? January 6th is the airing date for the finale. ):

    Most of all. WOWP was being planned to have either a sequeal or season 5 but..

    It was confirmed many months ago that the cast of WOWP rejected the request of season 5 and the sequel. Even the reviews rejected it too! ): Anyway , Disney won't be the same without Wizards , Hannah Montana , or any of our good old shows we love. ♥ Most of all , the cast apreciated out support because if they didn't have it then WOWP wouldn't reach this far. Also , with the finale promo already aired , many WOWP fourms like are closing. They're closing because it's the end. It is but it isn't the end in our hearts. WOWP will always be in my hear…

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