So I heard of the episode, Revenge of an Old Friend when Stevie comes back and get revenge on Alex, Justin, and Max. Is this episode true?????????????? A while ago, it was said to be a confirmed episode for a long time. But the series finale is premiering in a week, so will this episode even premiere? Was it even a real episode in the first place? Someone please comment and tell me if this episode is true or not.

Also I heard of this episode, Magic on the Edge, or some type of episode that would be the series finale. I heard that after they announce the family wizard in the one hour episode premiering 01/06/12, they would have one or two episodes and then the series finale. Kind of like Hannah Montana when she revealed her secret, they kind of showed how her life was after and then they had a series finale. Someone please tell me if this is true or not! I really don't know if it is or not so someone please tell me! On Disney Channel, they never said that "Who Will Be the Family Wizard" would be the series finale, they just advertised it like it was. Someone please comment and answer my questions! Thanks!

PS. I LOVE WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE! I'll be so sad when its over!


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