Twelve Ball is a popular wizard sport, often played at WizTech. It is similar to ping-pong, despite Dr. Evilini's claim that it's "nothing like ping-pong."

Gold ping-pong balls are added one at a time with the objective of twelve being played simultaneously, by a hand in the middle of the ping pong tables. Only one student has ever reached 11 balls at WizTech, Jerko Phoenix. The winner of the Wiztech Twelve Ball Tournament is awarded the title of Mr. Twelve Ball. One method of winning is to hit the Tattler, a small girl, who is known for tattling.

Justin Russo is the only on-screen winner of Twelve Ball, as shown in the episode Wizard School, Part Two. He won by hitting the tattler.

It has been written that great Twelve Ball players turn into great wizards. — "Dr. Evilini"

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