Tutor Hatchback
Full name

Tutor Hatchback


Wizard World


Wizard tutor

First ep

"My Tutor, Tutor"

Last ep

"My Tutor, Tutor"

Portrayed by

Paulina Olszynski

Tutor Hatchback (played by Paulina Olszynski) is a young female character who appears in the season two episode, "My Tutor, Tutor".

She is introduced early in the episode as Max's new tutor, hired to help him with his wizard studies. Justin develops a crush on her whilst Alex wants to be her friend. They are both upset to find out that Tutor might leave if Max does well in Wiz Class and so decide to sabotage his progress to keep Tutor from leaving.

In the end, they discover that Tutor is part elf, with Justin explaining that elves have a magical quality that causes everyone to love them. Alex decides that she no longer wishes to be friends with someone who possesses that quality, realizing that it is the reason why she and Justin both liked the same person, with Justin also agreeing and deciding not to be Tutor's boyfriend. Tutor is not seen nor mentioned after that.

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