Tribeca Prep

Manhattan, New York


Mr. Laritate (Principal)
Mr. Clemens (Vice-principal)

  • Grades:9-12
School Colors

Blue and Gold



First seen

Crazy 10-Minute Sale

Tribeca Prep is a fictional magnet high school that many characters in Wizards of Waverly Place attend.

Known Faculty

Hershel Laritate - Principal, Marriage and Family Teacher
Mr. Clemens - Vice Principal
Ms. Marinovich - Art Teacher
Ms. Weston - Art History Teacher
Theresa Russo - Superintendant Client
Ms. Majorhealey - Art Teacher

Student Faculty

Justin Russo - Student Body President
Alex Russo - Speaker of Assembly


Various extracurricular activities and clubs have been mentioned, seen, or displayed through posters.

Known Students


  • The real life location of the structure is P.S. 40, an elementary school at 320 East 20th Street on the outskirts of Stuyvesant Town, New York.
  • Tribeca Prep was destroyed in Wizards vs. Asteroid after an asteroid crashed into it. 
  • In 2011, only two graduates - Who are Alex Russo and Harper Finkle - were at the school for the ceremony and were given awards by Mr. Laritate, making them the only official graduates (technically). 


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