The Wannabes with Gigi.

The Wannabes (played by Kelsey Sanders and Heather Trzyna) are the two female students who attend Tribeca Prep. They are minions of Gigi Hollingsworth and are known by Alex and her friends as "the wannabes" because they want to be as pretty as Gigi. They wear bandages on their noses because they got surgery.

They usually have strange looks, but that is only because it is part of a process to make them look prettier, and to make them look more like Gigi. They appear as Gigi's posse. They are also not very bright and rely on Gigi so often, they have no will of their own. They have appeared in every episode Gigi is in. They do not appear as rude as Gigi, as they appear ditzy and always smiling. One of them may be named Cindy as in Graphic Novel Gigi says she's sleeping over at Cindy's house.

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