T.J. Taylor
Full name

T.J. Taylor


Mr. Taylor
Mrs. Taylor


Jenny Majorheely

First ep

"Disenchanted Evening"

Last ep

"Art Teacher"

Portrayed by

Daryl Sabara

T.J. Taylor is a young wizard who goes to the same school as Alex, Justin and Max.

T.J. is very similar to Alex in that he uses his magic frivolously. However, unlike Alex, whose intentions are never really malicious, and sometimes she even helps others, T.J. is not above using it to hurt people to get his own way, whether it's adding 30 years onto his ex-girlfriend's life or even brainwashing his parents so he can do whatever he wants without consequence.


  • He is very unpopular at school, and has a habit of responding to others by rephrasing their remarks with the words "I'll show you..." in front of it, which he seems to think is a clever insult. For example, the first time he was seen being picked on at school, the bully insulted him by saying "Hey, the kid's face reminded me -- wanna go get a pizza?" and he responded with "I'll show you a pizza."
  • It is not said which of his parents is a wizard or if both were.
  • He seems to have a broader management of the magic than the Russos and can perform magic without a spell which surprised even Justin. Probably due to the fact that he's the only child and thus is already destined to be the family wizard.
  • He is in Alex's art class, which was formerly taught by his ex-girlfriend Jenny Majorheely, after he turned her into a middle aged woman out of spite.
  • In Disenchanted Evening, he reveals that he has charmed his parents by giving them a noodle kugel with cinnamon in it.
  • He told his parents that eating brownies was illegal, since that would discharm his parents.

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