Sparks Fly Spell

Sparks Fly Spell


Zippozap Zippozee Zippozarum


Generates fire (inanimate objects)
Flares up emotions and gives a positive charge (humans)

First mention

Alex Russo, Matchmaker?

The Sparks Fly Spell is a spell that is used to create fire. However, if it is used on people, it flares up their emotions and fills them with a positive electric charge.


Jerry taught this spell to Max in "Alex Russo, Matchmaker?", demonstrating to light a candle on a cake. But Max did not score in his notes warning never use the spell on people. Reading the notes, Alex decides to use the spell to make sparks fly in the relationship of Harper and Zeke. However, this caused both unleashed a huge electric shock when touched. Since both were full of positive charge, Alex was able to counter the charge with her own negative charge, breaking the spell in the process.


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