Normal Wizards of Waverly Place S02E01 Smarty Pants avi 000728427

Alex wearing the Smarty Pants

The Smarty Pants are only used in the episode Smarty Pants, though they appear in the final episode Who Will Be The Family Wizard?. These pants are magical because wearing these gives the parson a superior knowledge on everything there is to know. Alex wears them and joins Harper's team for the Quiz Bowl since Harper's team needs one more particapant.

Side Effects from prolonged use of Smarty Pants are: (according to Justin) headache, nausea, rash, chronic giggling, belly button bubbles, say it don't spray it disease, tongue reversal, ear gas, sweaty knees, Picasso face, problems with the bow... (he falls asleep midword when Alex places the NightCap on his head) Later, when Alex steals the Smarty Pants the Alarm adds skeleton legs, smelly feet, yellow tongue, flakey hair, oily lips, scaly pits...(then Alex puts the Smarty Pants on and becomes smart enough to know how to shut the Alarm off)

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