Silent Movie Spell
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Silent Movie Spell


Take away color and sound, this is where revenge is found


Turns the world into a silent movie


No verbal

First mention

Justin's New Girlfriend

The Silent Movie Spell is a spell that Justin evoked to punish Alex after she meddled with Justin's and Harper relationship.


The Justin and Harper bond over a love for silent movies, which Alex hates. Alex begins to think that they're dating and wants to put a stop to it, so Harper is her friend with an obsessive cursh on Justin and Justin is freaked out by her. Then when she gets what she wants, Harper and Justin both get mad at her.

She tries to bring them back together again by trapping them in the loft with magic. Justin and Harper decide to get back at her by putting them in a silent movie (which Alex hates).


  • "Take away color and sound, this is where revenge is found"


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