(SINGING) Oh, yeah Oh Oh, oh, it's magic When I'm with you Oh, it's magic Oh, oh, it's magic Just a little magic You know it's true I got a hold on you Justin, I found your bag. Do you mind if I tear through it and look at all your personal stuff? Okay, thanks! No way! (SCREAMS) Justin! (GRUNTS) (YELLS) (GRUNTS) What is going on? Is everyone all right? Alex? (MUFFLED SCREAMS) Awesome! Dad, whatever it is, can I keep it? I knew it! Alex was going through my bag, so I put a spell on it. Deny it now. Of course. An enchanted messenger bag. How did we ever manage without one? But we're going to have a great... Do it. Let's watch her run around. Magic was used to protect the bag. Reverse the spell, release the hag. Okay, fine. I went through your stupid bag. Hag? But look at what I found. The family wand and the book of Forbidden Spells. Justin took it out of the lair without permission. My respect for you is increasing. I didn't take it. Dad gave it to me. And it's shrinking again. Dad, how could you give this to Justin? It's forbidden. You said that we weren't allowed to touch it. You said that we weren't ready. I think by "we" he meant "you." Alex, if one day, possibly, you pass andlor show up to an exam, you can use the spell book and the family wand, too. It's just they're extremely powerful and it takes a certain level of responsibility... But I'm responsible enough. I can be trusted. I think this is completely unfair to me and Max. Right, Max? Dude. Max! (GRUNTS) Dude, you are so not helping right now. And I am so getting one of those! Well, I don't really have an opinion about the great wand whoop-de-doo. But if anybody should be playing nice right now, it's you. - Don't push. We need to go, honey. - Yes, dear. I'm gonna need you to return the wand and spell book back to where you found them. Thank you. Fine. I didn't even want it anyway. Total lie. Wait. Where's everybody going? I want you guys done packing by the time we get back. JUSTIN: Okay. Dude, this is gonna be the best vacation ever. - Are there gonna be volcanoes? - No. Then how great can it be? - Hello, Mr. And Mrs. Russo. - Hey, Harper. That's... - Hey, what's Harper doing here? - Oh, uh... Right. Listen, I was thinking since you're packing for a trip I don't have to go on... What did I just say to you? - When? All the way back there? - Don't push. I already told you, you can't go to that party. It's all the way in Brooklyn. I don't know the girl's parents. But, Mom, everybody is going to this party. That's true. They've handed out like 1,000 fliers. Why are you destroying my life? Which is the same thing you said to me when I tried to force you to go on vacation with us. Well, it worked then. Alex, honey, I know that you're growing up and you want some independence, and I know that you're gonna be fine at Harper's while we're gone. But you have to understand that leaving you behind is very hard for me. So just go easy on me, okay? Dad, please. I'll just pop in. It'll be so quick... No popping. You heard what your mother said. (SIGHS) And just so we're clear, no walking, flying, teleporting or popping out of this building while we're gone. Is that understood? - Understood. - Okay. (EXHALES) - Sorry about that. - It's okay. We can still find something super fun yet age-appropriate to do. No, we're still going. But your parents said we can't leave the building. Exactly. (TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWING) For the record, I just want to say I think this is a really, really bad idea. Only if by bad you mean genius. I love loopholes. Alex! (NERVOUS CHUCKLE) - Can't we slow this thing down? - Yeah... No. When they put the tables in they must have taken the controls out, but don't worry, it's enchanted and knows where it's going. Then why are we heading uptown? Forty-second. Forty-ninth. Fifty-seventh. Brooklyn's in the other direction on the other side of the river. Stupid spells. Hang on. Wait. My bad. I had the map upside down. All right. Misguided directions we shouldn't have taken. Hurry up and get us to Bergen Street Station. These forbidden spells are so super user-friendly. Forbidden spells? Why would you use something called a forbidden spell? It's forbidden, and I know this because it's right there in the title. It's not really a big deal when you have the right wand. - Well, do you? - No. Apparently, it's too powerful and I'm not responsible enough and I can't be trusted. Whatever that means. (SCREAMING) No, you go first! You go first! Oh, my God. - No! What are you... - Harper... (BOTH SCREAMING) Seriously! Who designed this subway? (SCREAMING) I did it. I can't believe I did it. I saved us. I can't believe it. No, you didn't. I did. Justin, thank you, thank you, thank you! Harper, don't thank him. He just did it so he can run off and tell on me. Okay, normally, yeah, I would do that. It's pretty funny when she gets all... But I'm not about to go tell Mom and Dad something that's gonna ruin their vacation one night before it happens. For once, I'm not gonna let you destroy something important to me. Then we're good because they're not gonna hear it from me. And you know why they're not gonna hear it from me? Didn't we just have this conversation? Because I just did my first spell using a full-powered wizard wand. - And if I must say... - He must. It worked perfectly. Almost perfectly. (BOTH GASP) (GLASS SHATTERS) Okay. Well... Bye. (ALEX SIGHS) I'm really sorry you can't stay with me anymore. No. I was never really gonna get to stay with you. She's just been planning this all along. And she's just using my innocent borrowing of the diner as an excuse. You know that's not true. You love your mom. I didn't say that I didn't. I just... I just don't want to spend two weeks in full-on family mode. (CHUCKLING) Are you guys gonna wear matching outfits? Because that would be bad. One of these days I'm gonna win the wizard competition and I'm gonna be the full wizard. Well, what if you fall in love with a mortal and have to give up your powers like your dad did? I still can't believe he did that. I can. I love that story. It sounds so romantic. It was. - Do you need any help? - No. I most definitely do not need your help. Well, bye. Fine. But one of these days I just might not be there to offer it. Mom. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. I know what you meant. Finish packing. Done. (SCOFFS) Undone. See what I just did there? It's called lightening the mood. Well, I hope you got it out of your system, because I've declared this vacation magic-free. Hand it over. JERRY: So I'm gonna need your wands. What? I can't give up my wand. Dad, there are so many spells I haven't even gotten a chance to do yet. Max. (BLEATING) Goats? They were supposed to be tigers. Okay, if I give you my wand, I'll only be able to do hand magic. The idea is no magic. I can't just not do magic for two weeks. We're going to the Caribbean. That's one of the most magical places in the entire universe. This is because of Alex, isn't it? Justin. It's not always because of... Well, okay, yes. Just give me the wand. - Come on. - Come on. - Give me the wand. - Give me the wand. All right. "Sticky note to self, do not forget sticky notes." Okay, it's time, people! Everybody ready? Ready! Okay. Who needs underwear? Ready! Ready! Ready? Smile! Tell me this is not the cutest thing you've ever seen. (LAUGHS) Yeah. Sorry. A real family vacation. This is gonna be so much fun! You guys are gonna love this resort. It has everything. Yes, it's beautiful. You know it's where your father and I first met each other. - She's going to tell it. - Please don't tell it. Did I ever tell you the story? And she's telling it. It was the summer after I graduated from college. I was lying by the pool, right? And I had just ordered this papaya smoothie. - It was a guava smoothie. - It was a guava smoothie. Actually, honey, it was a guava smoothie. No, no, no, no. Why would I order a guava smoothie? I don't even like guavas. (LAUGHS) So, somehow I spilled papaya all over your father's shirt. - Guava. - Guava. But then I looked up into his eyes and I knew. (SPEAKS SPANISH) This is the man for me. It was love at first sight. (ALEX GROANS) No visuals, please. (MOANING) Or audio. We're here! (SIGHS) I have never been more happy to be somewhere I didn't want to be in my entire life. Hola and welcome to paradise. And the happiness continues. MAX: Sweet! JERRY: Ah, ah, ah, ah. Put that back. Are those included in the price? Yes. Of course. Welcome to the Caribbean. Everybody take two. (THERESA THANKS IN SPANISH) - Enjoy. - I'll just take the whole tray. Well, I'm Javier. I'm one of the activities counselors here. Well, that's great because I already know the first thing I'd like you to do. - Would you take our picture? - Yeah. Of course. Smile. Say, "Paradise." - Paradise. - Not likely. (EX CLAIMS) Jerry, look, it's that little gift shop where we bought those coconut monkeys! Remember? Let's take a picture of it. I love those monkeys. (MAX SLURPING) Great outfits. What is going on? Where's everybody going? I'm going snorkeling. Once you get used to swimming in a fish's toilet bowl, it's awesome. To see the ruins. The most important battles of the first and third troll wars were fought there. I don't know, but I'm getting out of here. No. No. No. This is a family vacation. Your mother's right. We should be doing everything together. With you? In public? Looking like that? So we're all in agreement. (SINGING) Hey Hey Oh, yeah You don't know what we can find Why don't you come with me, little girl On a magic carpet ride - Get up there! Get up there! - MAX: Oh, I'm beating you, Justin. Right between my sound machine - THERESA: Come on, Alex! - You got to at least try, honey! On a cloud of sound I drift in the night Any place it goes is right Goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here Well, you don't know what we can find Why don't you come with me, little girl On a magic carpet ride You don't know what we can see Why don't you tell your dreams to me Fantasy will set you free Close your eyes now Look inside now Let the sound take you away Last night I held Aladdin's lamp And so I wished that I could stay Before the thing could answer me Well, someone came and took the lamp away I looked around a lousy candle's all I found Well, you don't know what we can find MALE GUARD: Come back here! Come back with my helmet! Why don't you come with me, little girl On a magic... (THANKS IN SPANISH) Oh. Alex, honey, don't you just love the ancient walls and the cobblestone streets? You know what? Your dad and I walked these very streets on one of our very first dates. It must have been pretty when it was new. Hey. This attitude of yours? That's what's getting old. I'm sorry, but it's just memory lane is turning out to be the longest road ever. When are we gonna do something I want to do? You're right. You're right. We haven't got to do something you want to do. You get to choose next, all right? Did I mention Javier teaches windsurfing? Theresa, look. - Ooh! My favorite earrings. - Dude, check it out. Top 100 must-see wizard sightings on the island. I wonder why we haven't been to any yet. Wait. I know. ARCHIE: Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention for just one moment? Prepare to... Fine. You want magic? There's your magic. And now the beautiful Giselle will find your card, sir. Your card. Here we go. Are you ready? Yes, you will. Remember what it is? Okay, there you go. Just not that one. Which one do you think it is? Not that one. No, wrong one. Go ahead. Try again. It's the eight of clubs. The one I'm shoving in your mouth. Like we rehearsed. Like we rehearsed. There it is! The eight... She dropped it. Hang on. Eight of clubs! Amazing! What do you say? Pretty amazing is what I say. Pretty pathetic is what I say. Anybody? Anybody? You know what the problem is with you two? You don't know how to make your own fun. ARCHIE: It's a magical balloon trick. (BLOWS) Excuse me, sir. I'd like to volunteer. Okay. I wasn't really aware that I was asking for volunteers. (LAUGHS) - Right. Got any money? - Yes. Hope that didn't break you. Right. First of all, - I will need your drink. - Why? Because I'm doing eight shows a day in the blazing sun. Here, try and blow this up. Strong lungs? (SQUAWKS) Now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the incredible needle through balloon. The needle through... Oh, yeah. By the way, if you happen to see la policia anywhere, don't keep it to yourselves, okay? Because we're having issues. Thanks. Needle through the balloon. Okay, that's weird. Watch out. (CROWD LAUGHING) (YELLS) No. No. (ARCHIE YELLS) - Max. - Come on. - No! - Oh, yeah. Now that's a great trick. (YELLS) Whoa! (CROWD LAUGHING) Thank you. That was good, right? I totally meant for that to happen. - Nicely done. - ARCHIE: Thank you! That's got to be worth something. Thank you. Thank you. Anything else? ARCHIE: Brilliant. You're awesome. Very good. Hey! Hey! Kiddo! Hey, hold on! I want to talk to you. Just hold on. Hold on a second! Hold... Jeez, he's coming. Yeah, all right. I'm going. Hello, Bert. How's the missus? Excuse me. Nice truncheon. Hey! Come back! JERRY: What were you thinking? Is it my fault that the guy's a great magician? All right. Look, I'm sorry, but it was just training magic. It's no big deal. I promise you nobody's gonna figure out that we're wizards. ARCHIE: You're wizards? - Maybe just one person. - What? No. (CHUCKLE NERVOUSLY) That's funny. But we are most definitely not... Don't even try it. You think if I could actually do that trick, I'd be hustling tourists for loose change? Hidden talents. Come on, kids, let's go. What? No, no, wait, wait! I forgot the most important part. We're wizards, too. You're wizards? I don't think so. Well, not now. I mean, obviously. Yeah, but we were. I swear. Wizard's honor. (SQUAWKS) I was born a wizard, but I lost out at the family wizard competition to my know-it-all older brother. - I know the feeling. - I know the feeling. And the poor lovely Giselle here was transformed into her current feathery state by an evil... Ow! Not telling that part of the story. Well, it was nice running into you, and good luck with the whole magic thing. Your "Pick a card," it's great. Everybody into the van. Let's go. Wait. I could... I could show you some of the wizarding sights. I am also an excellent, reasonably-priced tour guide. Tips are greatly encouraged. That actually sounds pretty cool. I was just... No. It's Alex's turn to choose, and I just know she's gonna pick something really far away from here. Come on. When did we decide it was Alex's... What if my choice is to watch Justin's lip quiver and beg? (LAUGHS) THERESA: Come on, honey. Sorry. MAX: Shotgun. I could show you La Piedra De Los Sueos. The Stone of Dreams? I know where it is. We have a map. That's like the most important wizard artifact ever. It can do anything. Yeah. - You know where it is? - Yes. Dad. He's got a map to the Stone of Dreams. - Yeah? - Yeah. So does every other wizard gift shop in town. And every year, two or three idiot wizards go la-di-daing through the forest trying to find the stone, and they usually end up dead. Please. Okay, we're desperate. We've been on this island for years just hoping to find a wizard who could help us. The stone is our only hope of restoring Giselle back to her former beautiful self. Not that you're not beautiful right now. You're beautiful. You're gorgeous, in this light. I'm sorry. It's just too dangerous. Come on, Justin. Let's go. You're in the middle seat. Yeah, I know. But what other choice did I have? I mean, if they... Right. But I know... I have a... If you'd just listen... I know what I'm doing. (CHATTERS) Yes, there's a first time for everything. Very funny. Are you okay? Are you okay? Don't worry, you'll be fine. Though you might need a few more lessons. (LAUGHS) Not at these prices. JAVIER: I wasn't good my first time either, so... I'm just having a little problem with the wind part and the surfing part and the standing-up part. JUSTIN: Hey, Alex! Watch and learn! Just like always. Way to go, Justin! Great job! Forbidden-smidden. Though a surfboard I might be a mess on, my brother is in need of a lesson. JUSTIN: Whoa! How do you slow down on this thing? Go back! Go back! (SCREAMS) Big wave! How do I stop? (SCREAMS) He's got the wand. Wow! Nice one, Justin! That's awesome! He's a natural! Yeah, a natural idiot. JUSTIN: Too fast! Too fast! Turn to the wind to slow down. Which way is the wind? I can't see! Watch it. Okay, watch it. Watch out! Watch it! Watch out! (GRUNTS) Ooh. Every castle needs a princess, huh? No? Okay. (JERRY LAUGHING) I shouldn't have laughed, but you know she was okay, right? Yeah, but poor Alex. Glad you guys are having such a good time. JAVIER: Alex. Listen, there's a party down at the beach later. Any chance I could talk you into going with me? - A huge chance. - Yeah. Unfortunately, my mother isn't so easily persuaded. But I'll work something out. Cool. I'll see you then. What are you working out? Um... How sweet I have to be for you to let me go to this party tonight. With him? It's so not happening. Why can't I go? Alex. First of all, we, all of us, together, we're on vacation, honey. More like a never-ending photo shoot. I am trying to create memories. And second, I said no. You don't need to be spending any more time with that boy. But you don't even know him. I know that he's too old for you, that he probably hits on every girl that comes to this resort, and, at best, he's just trying to hustle you into taking more windsurfing lessons. A party I must attend, on that we can't agree. But for a refreshing change, today you'll side with me. You know what? You're young. Go. Have a good time. What am I saying? Absolutely not. Come on, everybody's waiting. Dang it. Not enough juice. We were sitting right here when I told your mother I was a wizard. Yes, and he also told me that he loved me. Dad, why would you do something like that? Didn't you know you were gonna have to give up your magic? Well, I knew it was an important decision, but I also knew that we could make some magic of our own. Well, that was beautiful. Really, guys. I'm tearing up. Pork? You, Justin? Good. Let's go. I know you have the wand. What? No, no, no. I don't have the wand. I don't know why you would think I have the wand. I wouldn't take the wand from Mom and Dad because that would be... - You went through my stuff again. - Didn't have to. There's no way you could stay on that windsurfer. Well, the wind was blowing really hard. What was I... (EXHALING) You? No, no, no. That's impossible. You can't do weather spells unless you have a wand. Or you use... You have the spell book. - You're not even gonna try to deny it? - Why? Okay, so here's the fun blackmailing part. Let me use the wand or I'll tell Dad you really did take it without permission this time. Fine. Then I'll tell Dad you took the book. So? I'm not the good one. Please. I found this amazing agreement spell that'll make Mom and Dad agree to anything for six hours, but I don't have enough power on my own. I need the wand. So just tell me. I already have the power. Fine. You sneak out of dinner, do a forbidden spell and risk eternal grounding. Right. You do the spell. I'll go keep Mom and Dad busy. Okay. A party I must attend, on that we can't agree. But for a refreshing change... THERESA: Alex? Mom? What are you doing here? The minute Justin tried to magically glue me to my chair, I knew something was up. You will just not stop, will you? Well, what am I supposed to do? Since you've decided that you wanted to control every single second of my life. Please. Do you think I'm doing this for me? Like you're actually pleasant to be around? I am 16. You can't keep telling me what to do. Watch me. For the rest of this trip you are going to be pleasant and present... You can't make me. And when we get home, you are grounded for two months. That's right. No dating. No parties. No magic. - Mom! - Not another word. I've had it. Now put that stuff away. (GRUNTS) I hate you! I wish you and Dad had never even met! Mom? THERESA: Yes, yes. Okay. Thank you. (THANKS IN SPANISH) (CLEARS THROAT) Is everything okay? Yes. You startled me. I didn't think you'd get here so quickly. I was just next door. Well, like I just told the guy at the front desk, they accidentally brought some guy's luggage to my room. Get rid of it, will you? You're a little young to be the concierge. Concierge? But I bet that means you know where all the hot spots are, am I right? I'll definitely be calling you later. And if you see the maid, tell her I need more towels. Justin! - Justin! - Alex! Alex, what happened? Nothing. Why? Does something seem wrong? - Where's Dad? - I don't know. He left and then Mom left and no one came back. Did you do the spell? I did a spell. - There's Dad. Hold on. - JERRY: Yeah, looking good. Hey, I think I'm gonna skip out on all the family stuff and just focus on the wizard ruins. Cool? Sounds good, dude. You know, like I always say, do what you got to do. Bring it and... (MIMICS EXPLOSION) Later. Did Dad just call me "dude"? Dibs. Why are Mom and Dad acting like they don't know each other? And why is Dad using magic? Dad is not supposed to have magic. And why is he giving flowers to other girls? Alex, what did you do? See? This is what you get for letting me use the wand. Are you sure this is where you left them? Yes. The world went all... (VOCALIZING) And then I threw the wand and the spell book right there on the bed. Hey, guys. Thanks for ditching me back at the restaurant. Alex, do you want to tell our little brother what you did? She got in a huge fight with Mom and Dad and used the family wand... - That you gave me. - This is not my fault! wish that Mom and Dad had never met and now they haven't. It's exactly like it was 20 years ago. They don't know each other, and they don't know us. So we have no parents anymore? Well, I'm confused. I mean, is this a good thing or a bad thing? - The kid's got a point. - This is a very, very bad thing! And once again proves why I don't do bad things, because whenever I do, more bad things happen. So you're admitting that this is kind of your fault. I can only think of one place where they'd be. (LAUGHING) JERRY: You're cute. You know that? See? There's the book. Since he hasn't met Mom, he hasn't had to give up his powers yet. - He's still a full wizard. - Well, then, we should just get the book and figure out a way to reverse the spell. - Lf we still want it reversed. - Yes. I'm just checking. You're both making this way too complicated. There's Mom, all right? She'll know who I am. Mom. Hey. What? What? Don't you recognize me? Should I? Yeah. Yeah, you should. It's me. Max. Maximum. Maximilian? "The cutest little guy in the whole world." Or was that just a bunch of words to you? Gosh, if I had known there'd be this many kids around, I never would have booked this place. Wait. Wait, wait, wait. You really don't recognize me? No idea. I'm sorry. Excuse me. Wait! Mom, no! - Max! - THERESA: What are you doing? - Hey, Alex. - THERESA: Let go. Javier. Look, I'm sorry. Something popped up. I can't go. Hey, no worries. Some other time, right? - Yeah. - Yeah. But let me know if you want some more lessons, because if you buy five you get an amazing discount, all right? THERESA: Let go of me right now! Hurt, angry, plotting revenge and oddly disappointed I don't have a mother to say, "I told you so." - Please! - ALEX: Oh, my gosh. - Mom, no! No. - I'm so sorry. Sorry. He has abandonment issues. Let go of me right now. Mom. Mom? Security! Just a simple levitation spell. Please. It's my specialty. You have no specialty. (EXHALES) (NECK CRACKING) Here we go. Nobody touches the book. (LAUGHS) I totally got you. Your eyes were like, "What's he gonna do?" All right. So, what do I got here? A couple of young wizards trying to pull a prank? - Something like that. - Excellent. You know what? I turned my math teacher into a golden retriever one time. Never got caught. Played fetch a lot in the class. You know, rolled things up and threw it. One order of grande nachos. Thank you. (THANKS IN SPANISH) The portions here are really small. - You just did magic for fun. - And for cheese dip. You guys want something? You hungry? It's on me. It's just money, right? Where was that attitude when I wanted my own phone? I know, right? Parents can be such jerks. Hey, for no particular reason, just making conversation here, I don't suppose you have a titanium wand on you? I so do! I'm my family's wizard. I... I've got more power than you could ever imagine. Pretty cool, huh? You know, people say that magic isn't that important. But guess what? They're liars. It totally is! Here. Magic is awesome. Check it out. (PLAYING CARIBBEAN MUSIC) (PEOPLE CHEERING) - Excuse me. - Yeah. The front desk just called. They're getting that luggage out of your room. Guys, that's our stuff. Since you're a full wizard, - can I ask you a question? - Sure. Suppose a young, stupid, selfish, inexperienced... He gets it. ...wizard accidentally wished that her parents had never met before. What do you do to fix that? I have no idea. (LAUGHING) I'm glad that wasn't on my exam. But they'd have to do something pretty fast, you know, to prevent any serious, permanent damage. - Serious? - Permanent? - Damage? - Yeah, you know, let's say these people had kids, right... I love this song! Shake it! Shake. So, eventually, reality would catch up with the kids and they'd disappear forever. No meet. No kids. This is simple magic logic. Who is your teacher? How soon exactly? - I don't know. Like 48 hours? - Forty-eight hours? Forty-eight hours. But they'd know before it was gonna happen because they'd start forgetting everything about their past. I can't remember when I was 10. I don't remember any of your birthdays. Did I have a 10th birthday? They'd need a miracle. All right, well, it was nice chatting with you guys. I hear there's a kicking party down on the beach. Later! A miracle or La Piedra De Los Sueos. The Stone of Dreams? Yeah, that'd do it. You know, I hear it can grant any wish or reverse any spell. Oh, man, that'd be fun trying to find that. Isn't it dangerous, though? So? Is he always like this? I almost forgot my nachos. JUSTIN: Alex. Alex! (COUGHING) Okay, I'm up. I'm up. Mom and Dad are gone. What's your plan? I get it. You thought that you would just wake up and problem solved. - Of course I would think of something. - Kind of hoping... All right, guys. Come on. We're all gonna disappear. Justin? Of course I thought of something. Okay, Alex and I are gonna go find the Stone of Dreams. Max, stay here and make sure that Mom and Dad don't get into any trouble. Trouble? They're old. What kind of trouble you think they're gonna get into? I don't know. Meet other people, fall in love, have kids... Okay. All right, I'll keep an eye on them. JUSTIN: I don't know. MAX: We'll figure it out. - I don't know. I.D.K. - This is serious stuff here. - I.D.K. - Focus. Guys. Wait! First off, I'm a girl. You can't just expect me to flop out of a hammock and look perfect. So, why don't you use some magic and do something about it? (MOCKING LAUGH) Very funny. Second, I think this is a really bad idea. You heard Dad. He said that only idiot wizards go out looking for this thing. In case you haven't noticed, that's you. - Us. - Okay, point taken. But, come on, when haven't we been able to figure out some way to reverse a spell? - Underwater, the seahorses... - Let me think. At the zoo... ...the scuba diving trip. ...that time when you challenged the lady with one leg to a hopscotch competition... Okay! Other than those times. I'm just saying before we go running off in some jungle I think we should explore all of our options. All right, fine. What do you got in mind? Oh. You're agreeing with me. Okay, then wait. Hang on. - You don't have a plan? - No. My plan was just to disagree with your plan. (BOTH LAUGHING) Trust me. This will work. If it were this simple, don't you think Dad would have mentioned it to us? That's not Dad-Dad. That's party-party-bam-bam- nachos-for-everyone Dad. And again, you're sure you don't wanna keep that guy around? Max, if he stays, we go. All right. Let's do this. Okay. The only way we can ever hope that this, in any way, shape or form, - could ever possibly... - We got it., is if we stay completely focused. Focused. Wait a second. Hold on. Just give me a second. Almost there. Almost focused. I'm... - Max! - Max! All right. I'm focused. Okay. Oh! - What did you do? - What did I do? What did you do? This was your idea in the first place. I would never have... - Max! - Max! Shrimp? (EX CLAIMS) What was that? Okay, so second time's a charm. If we focus on just changing Dad, he'll be Dad, we'll have the wand... And we'll be grounded for the rest of our lives. Probably true. It's cold. Okay, on the count of three. One, two, three. (JERRY GROWLING) MAN: Shark! (ALL SCREAMING) Maybe I wasn't clear on what kind of change we were going for. Sorry. That was definitely my bad. All right, okay. I think I've got it this time. We don't need to reverse the spell. We just need to make them a day younger and then everything will go back to the way it should be, more or less. - I'm betting on less. - Just do it. Send away parents who laugh and play, make them younger by just a day. (CRYING) Mom! Okay, new plan. Justin and I are gonna go find the Stone of Dreams. Max, you stay here and make sure Mom and Dad don't get into any trouble. That was my original idea. I know. I just liked it better when I said it. (CRYING) Dad! Dad, get back here! Here you go. I can't believe it. The map to the Stone of Dreams. I knew you'd call, that you wouldn't let us down. You know, when I told you about the map, Giselle's feathers were all in a ruffle, weren't they? She never thinks I know what I'm doing. This is a flier for an all-you-can-eat special at the Crab Shack. Oh! Ooh! Ooh. Don't want to lose that. Best flan on the island. Here we go. JUSTIN: Are you sure this is the map? Only one of its kind in the entire world. Hey, guys. Look what I just bought. A map to the Stone of Dreams. Pretty cool. You guys totally inspired me. Fingers crossed. I'll let you know what I find out. - Where's Max? - Jerry, wait up. I swear, they're like cockroaches. You corner one and the other one takes off in the opposite direction. - MAX: Jerry! - The only map in the world, huh? (SQUAWKS) In my defense, I haven't showered in like two days. The reason the other maps don't work is 'cause no one knows the right place to start. All right, people, let's move. There's not a lot of time. Which way? There's all this writing, but it doesn't even make sense. Because it's in Spanish. Which you've only been taking since first grade. Well, I kind of peaked at, "Habla ingls?" (GISELLE SQUAWKS) I know, but our options were rather limited. It says the path will only reveal itself to those whose intentions are pure. So me, obviously. Normally, I'd object, but even I can't make that argument. Okay. Show me the way. Open up. Reveal the path. Show me the way. Open up. Reveal the path. Maybe... Maybe I translated it wrong. Here, hold this. I'll get my Spanish dictionary. I did it! That was easy. It must have been a delayed reaction from what I did. Yes. Onward. I'm... Hold on. ARCHIE: Come on, Giselle. Why do you always have to bring that up? I do apologize you're getting wet in a rain forest while we're trying to save you. So, hey. Stone of Dreams. One wish per wizard. You guys get to restore your family, the beautiful Giselle becomes herself again, and, what do I use it for, though? I mean, that's the question, isn't it? (GISELLE SQUAWKING) No, I know nobody asked, but if they did... I said "if." You know what? Forget it. No, no, no. It's gonna be a surprise. I'm not gonna say... No, I'm not pouting. How did she get turned into a bird anyway? It's... It's really quite a story. Ow! Ow! Finger! Blood! Pain! I don't know, really. Oh! - Justin! - Sorry. I'm just trying to make sure that we're headed in the right... Double waterfall! Yes! We're headed in the right direction. Perfect. Headed in the right direction. Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't I lead and you follow? Um... Maybe because you can't read a map or a compass or Spanish. Well, I know enough not to walk into a giant spider web. Get it off me! Get it off! Get it off! (LAUGHING) That never gets old. You were screaming like a little girl. Get it off! Get it off me! That doesn't count. I actually am a little girl. We'll never speak of this again. Agreed? Agreed. Yeah, this might actually take a little longer than I thought. But trust me, okay. Trust me. Don't shake... You're so negative. I have a good feeling about this. As long as we stick close and never let them out of our sight... Where'd they go? Hello? Where did all this rain come from? Yeah, I know it's a rain forest. I told you that earlier. Do you have to parrot everything I say? Sorry. All right, we should be headed six degrees north by northeast. We just follow this path all the way... Stop! Yeah, about here. Okay. Now we need to change directions. - I think we're supposed to... - Justin, we're kind of in a hurry here. Time rippling. Us disappearing. You can't go two seconds without criticizing me, can you? What? You're right. I can't. The will to mock is just too great. Could we please just do this my way? Why do we have to do everything the way you do magic? - You mean perfectly? - I mean annoyingly. There's a right way to do things and that's the way I like to do them. Another 20 feet in this direction. You might want to try it sometime. Why are you getting taller? Because you couldn't stop being perfect long enough to realize that you're standing in quicksand. Alex! Help me! Please! Help me! Get me out of here! Help me, please! Grab onto my hand. Grab my hand. - Okay. - Help me. Not funny! Now maybe we can get someplace, huh? Okay. So we're here, and we need to get there. You're holding it upside down! Grab onto something! Well, that makes it better. - Not really. - I'm sinking! It needs one of those little "X" thingies, like at the mall, you know? - Alex, grab onto something! I'm sinking! - Wait, here we are. "Bottomless Pit of Death." And we need to go towards some squiggly things. They're called mountains! Alex. - Seriously. - Okay. Sure. Mountains. - There are small animals in here! - Wait. There they are! - That was easy. - Okay. Help me out now. - Grab something. - (SIGHS) Fine. A branch. Part of a tree. Help me, Alex. Come on. Help me. You've got it. Please. Will you let me be in control of the map? No. Why would I put you in charge? Just give me the stick! You know, I hear the more you struggle the faster you sink. It's amazing what I retain, huh? All right, fine, fine. Whatever you want. - Just give me the stick. - Promise? Yes. No. Yes, yes, I promise. Okay. Come on. Pull! Okay, pull. Thank goodness. There you are. Thought I'd lost you. - Did I miss anything? - Not a thing. All right, people! Let's move. This way. - The other way. - The other this way. (SPEAKS SPANISH) - What does that mean? Coconut? - No. (LAUGHING) One guava smoothie, please. We don't make guava smoothies. Sorry. - Well then, what am I drinking? - Papaya. Papaya. I love the way you say that. All these years. Get your fruits straight, man. - What? - What? Nothing. Thank you. You're welcome. (THANKS IN SPANISH) Hey, why don't you take this over to that girl for me? You know, she was kind of asking about you earlier. Who is that? Is that your mom? What? What? No! No. Unless you think she is and memories are flooding back. You know, you're a weird little kid, you know that? Yeah, I get that a lot. So... No. I'm good. No worries. No worries. I'm just saying you could do a lot better. Between you and me? She's kind of a dog. - Come on, buddy. - What? - She's... - Have you looked at her? Yes, I have and she's hot. She's... That's not funny. (CHUCKLES) Okay, it's a little funny. You stole that from me. All right. Joke's over. Turn her back before somebody sees. All right. I will, as soon as you take this over there. Fine, but I don't know why you want me to... What is the matter with you? I'm so sorry. I actually was bringing that drink to you. Why? So you could throw it on me? What did I ever do to you? Wait. This is supposed to be the other way around. I'm seriously... I'm so sorry. I don't know why I just did that. You don't know why you did. You just pick it up and then you... No. You know what? It's okay. Let's just call it even. No. I wasn't trying to make things even. I... No. I meant seriously. I mean it. It's fine. - Okay. - It's okay. All right. Sorry. What are you doing? That's it? What's the matter with you? You like her, right? Then why don't you go after her? Cute and feisty? Those are the most dangerous. I could really fall for her, you know, if she was a wizard. - What does that matter? - I told you. I'm a full wizard. I'm not going to give up my powers for some mortal. You don't understand. You... This is sticky now. This is sticky. You... Why do I feel like there was something I was supposed to do? (PANTING) ALEX: Eew! You okay? If Mom was still Mom, this would've never happened. She would've told me to put on bug spray. So? You wouldn't have listened to her. True, but at least she'd be telling me, "I told you so." I miss her condescending tone and her superior attitude. JUSTIN: Remind you of anybody? Yes. Mom. Aren't you listening to me? But I'm sure if we just asked them not to say anything... (SQUAWKING) Yeah, yeah, but I know. I know you were sentenced to 50 years in feathers. But maybe they couldn't find us if we moved to some remote jungle somewhere. Just you and me. But if we take the stone first, they'll disappear forever. Which is why it's the perfect plan. It really is the perfect plan. You're kind of good at this, aren't you? (CHATTERS) All right. I hate it when we fight, too. How are we going to get across this thing? There's no way. It's impossible. We're totally, completely, hopelessly doomed. Wait, there's instructions. It's that positive attitude that I most admire about you, Justin. It says we have to build a path of stone. - That's not going to happen. - With magic. That might happen. I may not be a full wizard. I might not have a family wand. And you were no help whatsoever. But you got to admit, this... This is pretty impressive. All it takes is a superior knowledge of hand magic and two semesters of Advanced Placement Geometry. What? No, "Loser"? No eye-rolling? "Get a life." What was that? "Thank you, Justin. You saved us. You're my hero." Well, you're welcome. - Good job. - Righty-ho. What? What's a pebble going to do to my... (COUGHS) And may I be the first? Loser. Okay. You know, maybe we're just going to hang back here for a few moments and stay out of your way. No reason for all of us to plummet to our deaths, right? (SQUAWKS) Admit it. It's not a bad idea. It's just a simple levitation spell. JUSTIN: Yes, yes. You're brilliant. Focus. Don't look down! That's a long way down. Why do you always get so mad every time I do something right? Because it's like you don't even try. You don't even think about it. Not thinking works for me. Exactly. And it's not fair. I know everything there is to know about magic, and you just come along and you do it. Which is why I have to study all the time. Usually I'm all, "Family wizard. How could it not be me?" Then you come along and do something like this. Trust me, you're not going to lose. You'll be the family wizard. Do you even want it? Alex! - That was close. - I don't know. I don't think I do. Why? I know why I do. I'd be nothing if I wasn't a wizard. Magic is the one thing that I'm really, really good at. Please. You're good at everything. I hope they make it. "Justin's so perfect. Why can't you be more like Justin?" - Who says that? - Besides you? Everyone. Mom and Dad. Well, they wouldn't say that if I wasn't so perfect. You know that's not true. They love you regardless. You know that goes both ways. They're almost there. Good job. - We both did a good job. - Yeah. Hello! Hello! Don't forget your loyal and trusty guides. Could you just send the rocks back? There's not enough time. We'll come back for you after we get the stone. Bye! (GISELLE CHATTERS) Yes, in retrospect, maybe not taking the lead wasn't a very good strategy. What? - Down there? - Yeah. That does seem to be the only way... Have I ever mentioned my fear of heights? Not caring. Okay. Fine. What? I'm going. I'm going. 'Cause you can fly... JERRY: Namaste, baby. - There you are! - Good class. Okay, where have you been? - WOMAN 1: See you, Jerry. - Call me. Yoga lesson. Which is just fancy stretching if you ask me. But I mean... - Look at the... - Really? That's great. It sounds like you've just got money to burn. Hey, if you go to the restaurant tonight, don't order the noodles, because at 9:00, (LAUGHS) They're going to turn into worms. People are going to freak. - Really? Really? Pasta into worms. - Yeah! The dad that I know would never let me get away with something like that. I know. Mine either. Hey, are you from New York? - What? - Me, too. - WOMAN 2: Hi, Jerry. - Yeah. I guess. Actually, I'm not sure where I was born. JERRY: Hey. Do you remember me? - You see, I... - JERRY: Nice suit. Theresa. Where are you going? None of your business. - Look, I know what this is about. - You do? Yes. You're trying to set me up with your friend. But trust me, he couldn't be less interested. What? No. That's not true at all. In fact, he told me that you were his type. - Really? - Yeah. Well, it doesn't matter, because I've already made plans. With who? (CLEARS THROAT) All set. The boat is ready for us. THERESA: Thank you. Oh. Um... - That boat? - Yeah... Would you excuse me for just one moment? Please? JUSTIN: You warm enough? Justin, what if we don't get the stone in time and we can't save everyone? Don't worry about it. We will. How do you know that? Because it's you and I. How can we not? You know, I think this is the longest you've ever gone... Wait. This is the longest you've ever gone without making fun of me. (CHUCKLES) It's true. I knew there was something I was supposed to do. - Where do you want me to start? - No, no, no. - I can start... - I actually kind of like this. Let's try this. "Only those whose intentions are pure." How come you could open up the gate today and I couldn't? I don't know. All I kept thinking about was saving our family. I was thinking about that, too. And how great it would be if I was the one to do it. There's my answer. You're a great wizard, Justin. I just know a bunch of spells. - How does that make me great? - That isn't why I think you're great. You're always there for me, no matter how many times I screw up. That doesn't make me great. That just makes me a good brother. I know I don't say it very often, but thank you. You're welcome. (TWIGS SNAPPING) (WHISPERING) Alex. Alex, get up. I think something's out there. You're the boy. You go check it. (TWIG SNAPS) Oh, my gosh. - Sorry. - We didn't know who it was, and Justin was just like, "There's something out there." Plus, I'm really not good in the morning. JUSTIN: But, hey, you made it. You know, that's great. I thought we were going to have to do this alone... Look! There they are. That's the white cliffs. That's where the stone is. It's so far away. - And there it is again. We're so close. - Come on. (GISELLE SQUAWKS) (GREETS IN SPANISH) - I'm going to be at the pool later. FYI. - MAX: Hey! Jerry. Jerry. Wait. Please. Look. - You've got to help me out here. - What? What now? I can't remember anything before the first grade, and my brother and sister never came back last night. I don't know why you're telling me this stuff. Maybe you should go tell your parents, kid. Well, I'm trying to do that, but it's a little hard. They went to try to find the Stone of Dreams. What? But that's incredibly dangerous. Yeah, well, it was kind of your idea. I didn't think they'd actually try and do it. Look, you're the only person I know that can help me find them. Please. All right. Come on, I've got a map. The problem is it doesn't tell you where to start. - Yeah. - I mean, we could... Oh, my gosh. Is that a treasure map? (LAUGHING) A treasure map? No. Don't be ridiculous. - It is! It is a treasure map. - Well, I mean, not one that works. MAX: Well, it is. It's just that we're missing a part. My brother Justin and my sister... What's her name, they had something that's supposed to go in this corner. It was a picture of a fort with this... I don't know how to describe it. This gargoyle thingy on it. Well, that could be anywhere. I know where that is. I saw that on my artifact tour yesterday. It's right... Wait. Do I get to come with? (WHISPERS) Yes. No. Why? Are you afraid you'll have to spend a little time with me? No. I wouldn't... It's just there's a... We need to... Tell her. - That would be wonderful. - What? - This is going to be so much fun. - Yeah. - I'll drive, if that's okay with you. - What? You've got to learn to let me do the talking. THERESA: Let's go, boys! The map kind of ends here. It says we have to find a cave. A cave? Somewhere in a mile of cliffs? Well, that really narrows it down, doesn't it? (READING IN SPANISH) "The one who knows the least shall lead the way." Alex. Sorry. It was a reflex. No, it's okay. I was about to say me, too. All right, let's look. Okay, I think that this indentation here corresponds with that indentation on the cliffs over there. ARCHIE: Yes, but that indentation could also correspond to that indentation on the cliffs over there, mate. - JUSTIN: Oh, that makes sense. - Why don't we just ask someone? - Okay. I think this patch of greenery... - Right. ...could be that patch of greenery over there. - Yeah, but there's a bush there. - There's a bush. No one ever listens to me. There's lots of patches of green here. Have you noticed that the whole place is one big giant patch of greenery? Excuse me. Hi. Sorry. Okay. Hi! I'm Alex! I'm so sorry to bother you, but I really need your help. English? No? Of course not. (IN SPANISH) Thank you. They're new, actually. I just... No! Cave. I'm sorry. I'm looking for a cave. Cave. You know, like... (GREETS IN SPANISH) (IN SPANISH) I'm sorry. Could you slow down just a little bit? Maybe some hand gestures would be good, too. Wait. In Spanish class I took a nap then, how about a floating caption? (IN SPANISH) Yes. Exactly. That's it. Where is it? (IN SPANISH) (IN SPANISH) "I wonder if she knows how bad her breath..." Okay. We're good. Never mind. Sorry to bother you. Could've just stuck with, "Don't know where the cave is." So rude. (SPEAKS SPANISH) "The one who knows the least..." And since it's not me, it's you. Do you know where the cave is? I don't suppose you have a breath mint on you, do you? No? Okay. (THERESA READING IN SPANISH) It says that the path will only reveal itself to the one whose intentions are pure. What the heck does that mean? It means it's probably time for you to go. And thank you so much for your help, but we've got it from here. No way! I'm not going now and let you two have all the fun. Besides, neither of you two reads Spanish, right? Right. So I guess we're going to have to figure this out together. The time for that is way over, people... Whoever you are. Look, tick-tock. We've got to get moving. But we can't... You know. Hey, lady. Look over there. THERESA: What? Do you see something? I don't see anything. Yeah. Yeah. There's the... Like a ship thingy. - THERESA: No, I think that's a bird. - Yes! Look! Right... There's a path. I didn't even see that. Come on. Come on. Wait. Where did that come from? (JUSTIN PANTING) ALEX: I don't suppose you have a flashlight on you, do you? Oh. Allow me. That's pretty much all I've got. My magic's not working. The cave must be enchanted. Mine's not working, either. But I like that "enchanted" excuse. I'm going to have to use that. - Me, too. - Enchanted. You two can wait here if you want. What, let you two go alone? No, no, no. I've learned from my mistakes. We're in this together. Ow! Ow! Ow! Here's an idea. We stay here. Okay. You ready? No. But let's go. ARCHIE: Good luck. See you soon. Watch out for the bats and the spiders and the scorpions and the snakes. ALEX: We got it! See you. Wouldn't want to be you. THERESA: Hang on. On three. One... I can't feel my legs! One, two, three. (GRUNTING) I'm still in here, guys! I'm not having any fun! Why am I not laying out by the pool? - Twice is a charm. Let's go. - Grab it! - Grab it! - Dad, come on! - One, two, three. - Why do you have to count to three? Just pull! - It's slippery! - MAX: How many times? Do we even know that this is the right cave? I'm going to go with "yes," but that's just a hunch. Wait. (ALEX YELLS) ALEX: This piedra thing better reverse the spell or else I just got bat poop in my hair for nothing. It's the Stone of Dreams. It can do anything. Reverse any spell. Show you the future. But you only get one chance at it. I'm sorry for everything. What? I'm sorry. This is all my fault. I heard you the first time. I just wanted to hear you say it again. Wow. It's amazing. Even in the face of the most imminent doom you can still be super annoying. It's one of the few things I learned from you. Still doing it. I'm sorry, too. What are you sorry for? You're my little sister. I shouldn't be on you as much. We need each other. Wait. What was that? I know. Not saying it again. THERESA: A path of stone? I don't know, maybe there's a path along the edge. Or a giant bridge right here in the middle! But... How... I don't know. It just... Wow! Bridge just came and it's... You know, there's a... Okay, not our biggest problem right now. Is it weird that I can't remember what I got for Christmas? Look, if you don't want to go on, it's okay. Are you kidding me? What kind of woman doesn't want a little magic in her life? Let's go. You know, for a mortal woman, she is... Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got it. She's a keeper. Come on. JERRY: I like the way she walks. This is definitely the place. But how are we going to find the stone? It could be any one of these. I'm guessing it's that one. Good guess. Careful! Well, someone should put up a railing or something. Seriously, it's dangerous. Okay. I'll go. I agree. You go. Okay. (RUMBLING) Whoa! (EXHALES) Try this one. Okay. Almost there. (WHINES) Don't look down. Don't look down. Look up. Look up. Look up. Don't look down. Don't look down. Don't... Careful. Hold on! Hold on to the torch thing. But not the hot part. Why would I grab the hot part? ALEX: Watch your foot. Watch your foot. Okay. (GASPS) I got it. Thank you, column. Don't step on the crumbly parts! They're all crumbly parts! Watch it, watch it. Justin! - Justin! - I'm okay. I'm okay. Where's the stone? I see it. I think I can reach it. No! It's too dangerous. I have to try. We don't really have a choice here. (GRUNTS) I got it! I got it. (SCREAMS) Justin! Justin! I got you. I won't let you fall. (GRUNTS) We did it. It's not too late. We can fix everything. (SQUAWKS) No! What are you doing? Come back! (GISELLE SQUAWKS) MAX: What? - Did you guys get it? - Is everyone okay? - Dad! - Mom! I'm so, so sorry. I was wrong and you were right. I'll even repeat it if you want me to. I can't do this on my own. I need you. I need your help. Max, how did you do it? How did you reverse the spell? I didn't. Seriously, what is with all this hugging? You don't know who I am, do you? Sorry. Wait. I do know you. You work at the resort. JERRY: The other day at the pool when you guys were asking about reversing that spell, you... Who are you guys? - Hey, Dad. - THERESA: "Dad"? - You didn't tell me you were married. - What? Would somebody please explain to me what's going on? THERESA: No. This is ridiculous. Would you listen to yourselves? Three kids... I'm a 16-year-old girl. Will you please stop calling me a kid? That was actually one of our issues. Okay. Three whatevers. Okay, fine. I think I liked "kids" better. THERESA: Three kids show up and say we're their parents? It doesn't make any sense. I mean, I think I'd remember. No offense, but if you remembered, we wouldn't be having this problem. And we're supposedly married. We are not married. She's right. I mean, I don't get it. I swore I would never... Never what? I swore I would never fall in love with a mortal. And now? Well, I... There's... Okay. Tell me that you're not falling for me and then we'll know this isn't real. I can't tell you that. Look, kiss. Don't kiss. I don't have time to be squeamish over this. We have to do something. He's right. How did you do the spell in the first place? I did it. But I didn't mean to, I swear. Maybe at first I meant it a little bit, but then after... I used your wand. This wand? Can't you do something? No. I'm sorry. I wish that I... But it says here that maybe one of you can reverse the spell. But you have to be a full wizard. The wizard competition is years away. People, I have minutes. It doesn't have to be years away. I'm... I'm not ready. We have to do this. If I don't do this, then they disappear forever. Mom, it'll be okay. I promise. I'm sorry. I think you have the wrong woman. I would not forget my own kid. I've got to go. Mom! So is that lady your mom? Max, don't you remember who that is? Should I? We've got to do this now. Everybody grab the wand. Max! Max! I do remember you. JERRY: Stay focused. It's the only way to get him back. It's only a matter of minutes before time catches up with you, too. A full wizard there can be but one, all power to a daughter or son. To an ancient battle transport us three, where one will emerge in victory. Justin? Dad? (RUMBLING) Alex! What the... Ready? What do you mean, "Ready?" Wait. We don't even have our wands. It's simple. Whoever captures the power first keeps it all. The loser gets nothing. Do you understand? And if you don't try, it won't work. But then... It won't even matter. It will be too late. We'll try our hardest. I'm sorry. JERRY: The rules are simple. The only spells you're allowed to use are those involving the four elements. Earth, air, fire and water. What? Nobody said anything about that! Are... Did you know that? I've been studying battle spells for the past 10 years of my life. Do you know how many spells I memorized? The best wizards can do the most with the least. Good, because that's pretty much all I've got. Okay. Wands at the ready! Good luck. Good luck. Ready. Set. Magic! We're going. Okay. Justin! (GRUNTS) Don't scratch it. MALE GREETER: Right this way, please. Hurry. You're running out of time! The lightning really necessary? You know how unpredictable storms can be? Quit doing that! Don't look at me. Magic does whatever it wants. Go! - Seriously? - Sorry. Don't know a lot of spells. - GISELLE: No, Archie. - Giselle, why are you doing this? - Lf you could just stop and talk to me... - Archie, don't get me wrong, you were a great pair of legs when I needed them, but I have my own now. But I did all this so we could be together, for us. Is that what you thought? That's what you said. I was lying. Archie, why don't you get yourself a life, or at least a decent magic act? Could I at least get a goodbye hug? (SIGHS) You. You were that bird! I don't know what you're talking about. (COUGHS) Yesterday, that would have freaked me out. But now, I need the stone. I don't think so. Look, I don't know what is going on. I'm not part of your world. I do know that I just got my heart ripped out by this boy that I didn't even know I knew, let alone loved. And his father, who may or may not be my husband. You know, I wouldn't even mind if he was my husband, and these other two kids, these wonderful kids. It's... Look, it's a long story, but they need that stone, and I intend to get it one way or another. I'm not letting those kids turn me in to the authorities. I just got my life back. Why don't you look at this as a fresh start? From what I can see, it didn't look like you and your daughter got along so well. There are a lot of moms who'd like to be in your position. There isn't one. Give me the stone. (LAUGHS MOCKINGLY) Do you mean this one? How did... What are you doing? It's the first trick of my new act. It's a doozy. What did you... What are you... (SQUAWKS) No. You didn't. What are you doing? Oh, no. (SQUAWKS) It turns out, I like you better as a bird. Thank you. A little variation of that puddle spell. - Justin! - We have to end this. ALEX: That's it. I did it! I won! I'm a full wizard. Wow. I never knew how great this would feel. This is amazing. Congratulations. See? I told you, you were ready. - Justin... - No, it's fine. Okay. Quick! You need to do the spell now. Right. Okay. But I... I don't know what to do. Justin, help me. What spell do I use? Why would I help you? Because you're my brother. - Look, I'm sorry you didn't... - I'm your brother? No. No. No, Justin. Please, please, you can't leave me here. Please remember. I'm Alex. I'm your little sister. I taunt you and I tease you and I make your life miserable, but you love me anyway. You're everything that I've ever wanted to be. I'm jealous of how smart you are and how kind and how nice. Please don't leave me here. I'd never leave you. I don't know who you are, but I believe you. Okay. What spell do I use? What's going on? I don't know the situation. No! Justin! Justin! No! You have to help me! Justin should have won this, not me! Just be calm. You can do this. Reverse the spell, don't make me scream and yell. Try another one. Focus. Because of words of hate, do not my brothers take. (CRYING) I don't know how to do this. Please help me. Honey, I'm sorry. I think it's too late. No, it can't be too late. THERESA: Hey! Would this help? The stone. Be careful. You only have one wish. But if you do it right, you can get your brothers back and still be a full wizard. Just wish for them to reappear. Okay? But... No. No, it's much more than that. I want everything to be exactly the way it was. (GASPS) - THERESA: Alex? - Mom? The minute Justin tried to magically glue me to my chair, I knew something was up. You will just not stop, will you? Mom! I am so, so sorry. I could never hate you. I love you. You know that, right? And I'm not just saying that. I mean that. Well, yeah, of course I know that, honey. - But you're still grounded. - Yes, I know. I can't wait to be grounded. Ground me, take away my magic, I don't care. Okay. As long as you've learned your lesson. JUSTIN: Hey, Alex! Justin! Max! You miss your brothers? Justin! Max! Hey. What did you do? You gave up your powers. You won. Why would you do that? Because I wanted to make sure that nothing was different, that nothing changed. Next time this comes around, I am not taking it easy. Whatever. Like you were taking it easy. - No. No. No. With all the puddles... - Yo! People. Hey, I'm right here. - Yes, you are, and I love you for that. - What? JERRY: Hey. What is going on? Hugging. I'm not quite sure I know why. - Dad! - JUSTIN: Mom! THERESA: A lot of hugging. - Hey. - Okay. - Excuse me. Alex. - THERESA: Honey. Right, Javier. Alex, honey, if you want to go for an hour, I'd be okay with that. Well, I wouldn't be. Javier, why don't you go find someone else who doesn't have their mom watching out for them? Yeah. Goodbye! Here, I'll take a picture. I'll set it up. That's okay. I think we have enough pictures. Besides, I'll definitely remember this moment without one. (SPEAKS SPANISH) - I love you. - I love you. Hey, I got a great idea. Let's go see some wizard sites. - ALEX: No. I don't think so. - No. This is a vacation, honey. Stupid bird. JERRY: Hey, don't laugh. That's good luck, honey. (SINGING) Oh, oh, oh, it's magic You know Never believe it's not so It's magic, you know Never believe it's not so Oh, oh, oh, it's magic You know Never believe it's not so It's magic, you know Never believe it's not so Never believe

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

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