The Russo Family is a wizarding family that has it's roots back in Italy (and possibly back to Ancient Rome) who at some point emigrated to United States, more precisely New York City. It's younger generations had also Latino heritage.
Wizards of Waverly Place

The Russo Family, plus Harper.


Its earliest known member is Ignacius Russo, a wizard that made the first joke book on giants. Two generations later his great grandson, Duke, would marry a sorceress named Rose. They would have three children: Kelbo, Megan and Jerry Russo, the three of them were wizards. Jerry fell in love with a mortal named Theresa, and because wizards can't marry mortals, Jerry gave his powers to Kelbo causing a grudge with their sister Megan because she wanted Jerry to give his powers to her and her powers were minimized when Kelbo got the powers. Jerry and Theresa got married and have three children: Justin, Alex and Max Russo. They are wizards being trained in power by their father, an ex-wizard. They are the main family of the series, although Alex is the most prominent character, appearing in almost every scene. Alex, along with Justin, is the only character to appear in every episode of the series. However, she is the only character to appear in all the episodes, movie, and special, since David Henry declined to appear in the special.

                                                      Ignacius Russo + Mrs Russo
                                                            Mr Russo + Mrs Russo
                                                                 Mr Russo + Mrs Russo 
                Magdalena Larkin  + Mr Larkin                         Duke Russo + Rose
                                  |                                              |
          ________________________|_________________________               ______|______________________________________________________________________________________________
          |                 |              |               |               |                                             |                               |		       
William Larkin       Ernesto Larkin    Janeive Larkin    Theresa Larkin + Jerry Russo                             Kelbo Russo + Mrs Russo          Megan Russo    
                                                                        |                                                    |                                                                       
                                            ____________________________|_______________                                 ____|_____________________________                                                
                                            |                                          |                                
                                    Justin Russo + Juliet van Heusen     Alex Russo + Mason Greyback   Max Russo/Maxine Russo                     Trevor Russo    Graeme Russo   Kim Russo                        Maxine Russo


  • In the episode Hugh's Not Normous the name of Jerry's father, mother (Rose), and great great grandfather (Ignacius Russo) were revealed.
  • Jerry's great great grandfather, Ignacius Russo, wrote the first joke book on giants.