Ruby Donahue
Full name

Ruby Natasha Donahue



First ep


Last ep


Portrayed by

Malese Jow

Ruby Donahue is a famous actress and singer within the Wizards of Waverly Place world. Alex mentions she is a big fan of her, and even owns her CD. She is portrayed by Malese Jow.


Ruby Donahue grew up on a ranch in Montana, and eventually started her own charity. After achieving fame, she created her own price-conscious barrette line. Ruby has also experiemented with music, which Alex describes as "sensitive but mildly angry rock" songs.

In Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2, Ruby plays Bambi, the sensitive one.


As seen in "Movies", Ruby appears to be friendly, but not very bright. She initially did not want to do a horror movie, but agreed because her agent wanted her to do one.

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