Alex and Ronald LongeCape Jr.
Ronald Longcape Jr. is an evil kid at WizTech. He was a love interest for Alex in season two's Saving WizTech Part One and Saving WizTech Part Two, while Alex was still in a relationship with Dean.

Ronald shape-shifted into Dean and broke up with Alex so he could convince Alex into coming to WizTech with him; he froze the real Dean inside gelatin. Ronald then used Alex as part of his evil plan, to become the most powerful evil wizard at WizTech. His plan was foiled by Alex's love for Dean. His father, Ronald Longcape Sr. (Maurice Godin) only pretends to be evil.


  • The only spell he has ever been seen using is "Piggly Wiggly Get In The Jiggly."
  • He along with everyone else is "uncomfortable" when interacting with Harper's "stare."
  • He may admire the Professor's fake beard, as he steals it from the Professor.
  • His name is a combination of Ronald Weasley and Neville Longbottom, both from the Harry Potter universe, which is what WizTech is styled after.
  • He is similar to Chase, in a sense. They have both tried dating Alex while she was in a relationship with someone; Dean for Ronald, Mason for Chase.
  • Ronald Longcape Jr is portrayed by Chad Duell.
  • He is also very similar to Dominic (Alex vs. Alex) because they are both evil, their plan affects a lot of people. Both of them use Alex to make their evil plan work, while she is dating someone. Alex was dating Dean when Ronald used her and she was with Mason while Dominic used her (Bad Alex).
  • He is somewhat like Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series. They are both evil and have blond hair. They also have an evil family reputation.