Ogre Malone is an ogre who lived on the 13th floor in the Apartment 13B 4 part saga. He befriended Alex Russo and Felix.



In Wizards of Apartment 13B, he was invited Alex and Harper's party at 13B. It is known in that episode he likes Alex Russo. He also befriended Felix when the party was over.

In Get Along, Little Zombie he is seen at the end when Dexter traps everyone on the 13th floor.

In Wizards vs. Everything, he was taken to the dark side of Gorog. In the end of this episode he moves in along with the monsters from the Windsor in Alex's basement. He wanted to sleep next to Harper but Harper disagreed. When Harper runs to the basement (after being disgusted by the monsters), it is revealed they just helped Alex get Harper back into the basement. It is unknown what has happened to all the monsters.

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