Nellie Rodriguez
Full name

Penelope Rodriguez




New York City, NY

First ep

""Alex's Choice""

Last ep

""Smarty Pants""

Portrayed by

Veronica Sixtos

Nellie Rodriguez is a student at Tribeca Prep Sr. High School and is of Cuban descent. She was first seen in the season one episode "Alex's Choice" where Alex describes her as a very positive, upbeat person with Alex saying "There's nothing worse than a 'Positive Nellie', after Harper calls her a 'Negitive Nellie'. In "Justin's Little Sister ", Mr. Laritate called on her during History Class for the Thursday's pop quiz. She made a cameo on "Art Musuem Piece" when Alex mentions she would copy off her Art History assignment. In episode "Smarty Pants ", Nellie was on a Quiz Bowl team with Harper until Alex wired the buzzer wrong. Later in the episode it was said that she returned and "Team Maroon" won. 


Season 1

  • Alex's Choice (first appearance)
  • Justin's Little Sister
  • Art Musuem Piece (cameo)

Season 2

  • Smarty Pants (last appearance)


  • It has reavealed in "Alex's Choice", Nellie is not as positive as she seems.

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