Nancy Lukey
Full name

Nancy Lukey





First ep

""Max's Secret Girlfriend""

Last ep

""Max's Secret Girlfriend""

Portrayed by

Bella Thorne

Nancy Lukey (Bella Thorne) is a minor character who appeared in the episode Max's Secret Girlfriend.

At the beginning of the episode, Nancy was Max's girlfriend, who he was keeping a secret from the rest of the family. When the family found out, Theresa told Max that it never was okay to lie to people. He took her advice and told Nancy that he and his family are wizards.

The Russos lie to Nancy when she asks them if they're wizards and she ends up breaking up with Max because she think that he kept lying to her to get her to like him. She was thought of as "rich" by Jerry and Theresa when she replies to the question of where she lived as "Riverdale."


  • In an episode of "Shake It Up!" Cecelia "Cece" Jones (played by Bella Thorne) is asked by her gym teacher what is his niece's favorite show and she said "Wizards of-" before her teacher interrupted her.
  • She is Max's first girlfriend
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