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Their are two magic bracelets in the Wizards of Waverly Place franchise. The first one was in introduced the origanal Wiziards of Waverly Place DS game, but it started freezing people due to it being a bracelet for adult Wizards or full Wizards.

The second bracelet was introduced In the special Alex vs Alex. The bracelet was given to Alex by the dark wizard Dominique, Dominuque later uses it to trap the Russo family, and Harper and Mason inside the jewels.

  • It can be inferred that the bracelet that Alex had, where the Russo family and Mason where trapped, is the same bracelet from the Wizards of Waverly Place original DS game as they do look alike. The bracelet from the video game was bought from Alex by using a Wizard computer but the bracelet froze people because the bracelet was sent to be worn by adult Wizards A.K.A full Wizards. Alex had to find all of the bracelet jewelry pieces in order to unfreeze all of the frozen people...and since Alex became a full Wizard it can be inferred that Dominic gave it to her because she was the family Wizard, thus becoming an adult Wizard and thus being able to wear the beautiful bracelet, but it is just a very possible theory....

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