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Improvised spells or "Make 'Em Ups" as they're sometimes called, are spells completely made up by the spellcaster. They are first introduced in "Movies".

Justin Russo

Season 1

  • We've had enough of all this fear, so hurry up and get us out of here [1.09]
  • I'm scared of what might happen next, so take us to the Mondoplex [1.09]
  • We are now small and teeny weeny, take us inside to see the genie [1.12]
  • We are now small and teeny weeny, we are done visiting the genie [1.12]
  • These guinea pigs are small, dumb, and hairy, make them human to find Theresa and Jerry [1.17]
  • This guinea pig is a bad dresser, turn him now into my professor [1.17]

Season 2

Season 3

  • We need electricity, and a lot, give me 1.21 gigawatts [3.01]
  • Bring Franken-girl back to alive, you're Alex's BFF, and that's no jive [3.01]
  • Alex doesn't think cheerleading's cool, make Franken-girl a cheerleading fool [3.01]

Alex Russo

Season 1

Max Russo

Season 1

  • Satisfy my empty belly, make me a peanut butter and jelly [1.09]

Season 2

  • Let's go visit our new aunt, take us to Paris, Texas

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