Linda Greybeck
Wizards of Waverly Place - Alex Meets The Parents Promo June 17 001 0002
Full name

Linda Greyback


New York


Grant Greyback (Husband)

Portrayed by

Robin Riker

Linda Greyback is the werewolf mother of Mason Greyback and along with her husband she is very picky about her son's girlfriends. It is assumed she was a ballerina.


Vampire Bite: Assumed in Wizards vs Werewolves

Wizard Spell Tap: Assumed in Wizards vs Werewolves

Silver: Assumed by legends

Linda Greyback is told to have accepted Alex Russo as her son's, girlfriend despite the fact that she is very picky about her son's girlfriends. However, when Alex turn's herself back to a wizard she and her husband try to eat her. When Mason helps Alex escape Linda and Grant disown Mason, and that is the reason in the episode Wizards of Apartment 13B Mason is living in his own apartment. How he got the money to buy it is untold. Many people believe is was the money from his savings or before the breakup with Alex, the Russo's lend him some money to buy it .

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