Lenny Hune
Full name

Lenny Hune


Landlord (unaltered present)
Owner of unnamed janitor service (altered present)


Lenny Hune Jr.

First ep

"Rock Around the Clock"

Last ep

"Rock Around the Clock"

Lenny Hune was the owner of the Waverly Sub Shop's lot and the landlord of Waverly Place. He only appears in Rock Around the Clock to annouce that he's shutting down the sub station, and says they have thirty days to pack. However, thanks to Max's terrible bargaining skills, he changes it to fifteen days instead.

In 1957, he offered to buy the building off of Duke Russo. In an attempt to save the sub shop from going out of business in the future, the present Russos travel from 2011 to 1957 to stop Duke from selling the lot to Hune. This drastically changes the man's life; when the Russos return to the present for the final time, they find that Lenny Hune's son is now their janitor, and Hune himself is merely the owner of a janitor service.


Rock Around the Clock (first and only appearance)

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