Juliet and Justin stuck in the exhibit

Lazerama Museam
is a Museum in Waverly Place, New York. It's the setting where Justin has his first Monster Hunting assignment.

Justin's Assignment

Justin's Assigment at the Lazerama Museum was to capture a mummy let loose by Max when he brought all the monster's in a book out. Justin was the only Monster Hunter left to do the job since the others had died.The problem was the mummy could read minds and take control of mortals,wizards and vampires.Justin and his girlfrend Juliet go to the museum together to find the mummy and both get trapped in an exhbit. Though the bad thing is Juliet is a vampire and there was Moonlight beggining to shine so she was going to die, so the mummy takes her so she can be one of her minions.


The Mummy

Mummy taking Juliet from the exhibit.

  • "Night at the Lazerama Museum" (first and last appearance)

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