Jeanette Brocoletti
Full name

Jeanette Brocoletti




Max Russo

Portrayed by

Kathryn Foley

Jeanette Brocoletti was a minor character who appeared in the episode "Alex Does Good." She was a girl that Max had a crush on. Things were going well for Max and Jeanette until Justin (David Henrie) and Max (Jake T. Austin) started to fight and that's when things went out of hand


In the episode, Max asks her out on a date and tried to impress her, but things don't go well, as Max's attempts at making her laugh revolved around embarrassing and humiliating Justin, which angered him and made him decide to give Max a taste of his own medicine; the date ended when Max accidentally turned himself into a clown, and it is presumed that Jeanette does not continue dating Max after this fiasco.

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