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  • Ghost
  • Ghost
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"Ghost Roommate"

"Hauting is how ghosts express their sadness..." -Lucy, Ghost Roommate

Ghosts are supernatural beings that are nothing more than former living organisms that, by unknown reasons, can't move on into the Afterlife. Ghosts also have their own magical dimension, called Ghost Realm, where they're hired to haunt places.


As long as there has been life, there has been ghosts. In the early moments of the History of Magic, ghosts were worshipped by humans in attempt to obtain supernatural powers. But when humans begun to fear magic, ghosts and other magical creatures moved to other dimensions to avoid human persecution. Ghost that have been mentoined are Lucy and Man Tooth.


Ghosts resemble their physical bodies but posses none of their physical capabalities. Ghosts, however, seem to posses magic (even the ghosts of non-magical beings) and are capable of use it to became tangible.

Magical and Natural Capabilities

  • Intagability: Ghosts can pass through solid materials without harm.
  • Shape Manipulation: Ghosts can manipulate their form and become monstrous.
  • Magic: Ghosts can use magic to become tangible matter.


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