A Genie is said to be the con-artist of the Wizard World. They grant you three wishes, but will take your wish, twist it around, and turn it into something you'll wish you never wished for instead. Every genie lives in their own lamp, and


once you let them out, it can be tricky to get them back in. A genie is usually feeling trapped in their lamp, and they want to get out. However, if they owe someone a wish, they will return in order to fullfill it. Genies are apart of the Wizard's education lessons mostly in order to make sure the young wizards in training are warned about them before they can cause harm, as seen in Justin's Little Sister. It is unknown if they generally have names or give their names as Alex's genie just referred to herself as "Genie". Alex's genie might also be the only one to use a scoreboard to show how many wishes had been granted.

Justin's Little Sister is the only episode that genies have featured in. The genie, basically known as "Genie", uses her sneaky ways to get out of the lamp, saying there is this cool restaurant the Russo's could go to and planning to run off as soon as she was free. Alex was sick of everyone comparing her to Justin, so she took the genie out of the lamp and wished that everyone would stop comparing her to him. After the wish had been granted, Alex let the genie go, as she no longer needed her, but Genie twisted Alex's wish so that no one knew who Justin was, not even his own parents, which is exactly what Jerry had warned of. To make things right, Alex then wishes that people would see Justin clearly for who he is, which made him invisible. Later Max tricks the genie into revealing the reset button. They enter the lamp and all of Alex's wishes are reversed.

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