Everything is Not What It Seems is the song used for the Wizards of Waverley place series, performed by Selena Gomez (Alex Russo). The song appears in every season of the show, but in season 4, a new version of the song is introduced, but it has the same lyrics. This song appears as the twelfth song on the Wizards of Wavery Place soundtrack


In the first three seasons, the same opening sequence is used. It shows the six main characters in the morning with Alex, Justin, Max, and Harper getting ready to go to school. For season four, the opening sequence has been changed. It shows a wizard's crystal ball for the setting.

In the crystal ball it features the main cast with clips of episodes from the third and fourth seasons. For seasons one through three, producers used "Everything is Not What It Seems" performed by Gomez. For the fourth season, the song was remixed and is now performed by Selena Gomez & the Scene.


Well, you know everything's gonna be a breeze
That the end will no doubt justify the means
You could fix any problem at the slightest ease
Yes please

Well, you might find out, it'll go to your head
When you write a report on a book you never read
With the snap of your fingers you can make your bed
That's what I said

Everything is not what it seems
When you can get all you wanted in your wildest dreams
You might run into trouble if you go to extremes
Because everything is not what it seems

Everything is not what it seems
When you can have what you want by the simplest of means
Be careful not to mess with the balance of things
Because everything is not what it seems


In the bathroom scene, it can be seen that the black and white picture of Theresa and Jerry on the wall is moving.
It is seen that just when Alex puts her dad's laptop into her bag, Theresa is standing on the right, next to Harper. Then right after the headlines show up, She is standing with Jerry, on the left.


Selena Gomez* Everything Is Not What it Seems (wowp)00:51

Selena Gomez* Everything Is Not What it Seems (wowp)

Seasons 1-3

Wizards of Waverly Place - Season 4 Opening00:52

Wizards of Waverly Place - Season 4 Opening

Season 4

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