Enhanced Senses
Character Information
Full Name Enhanced Senses
Trigger senses
Effect increases the basic senses to superhuman levels
Category Physical
User Werewolf,Vampire, Angels and spellcasters such as Wizards, elves and fairies

"They tried, but I'm too fast for them. I am not, horsie?"-Juliet, Wizards and Vampires vs Zombies

Many magical creatures posses Enhanced Senses, allowing them to move faster, smeling things at a great distance and seeing things that to ordinary people would pass unnoticed. Technically is not a magic power, but also it is, because vampires can smell things at miles aways.

Wizards can possibly obtain this ability through a spell.

The Senses

Thought this ability is not shown much, some of the senses that have been shown are:

  • Sight: the Guardian Angel in training, Tina was capable of seeing Alexs' wand in her boot, a fact that Alex pointed that most people didn't noticed.
  • Smelling: Juliet could tell that Justin was a wizard through his smell.
  • Strength: Mason was capable of throwing people like if they're a feather.
  • Speed: Vampires can move very fast without loosing weight (which could be impossible as they're dead,  anyway).

List of Users

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