Duplication spell








Duplicates an object or person

First mention

Crazy 10-Minute Sale

Edgebonoutoosis is the duplication spell used to duplicate a object or person.


In "Crazy 10-Minute Sale", Justin is the first of his other siblings to use the spell. He executes it almost perfectly, except the duplicate rabbit barks. He admitted he was thinking of dogs when he executed the spell. Alex later uses the spell to duplicate herself. However, since she was thinking of Justin's barking rabbit, her duplicate also barks.

Alex uses the spell again when Jerry asks her to duplicate him so he can go dancing with Theresa, and watch the big game that was coming on. This time it looks like the spell worked out perfectly, and the duplicate Jerry walks off to take Theresa dancing.

In "Wizards Exposed", Alex says the spell three times, cloning the Russo family three times & confusing Agent Lamwood & Scientist One. 

Also, in "Alex Tells the World", Justin uses the spell to duplicate himself in order to be able to represent himself in Wizard Court.

The spell is mentioned briefly in "Monster Hunter" after Justin completes his basic wizard training. Jerry says he remembers when Justin was still turning bricks into rabbits and Justin nostalgically replies "Edgebonoutoosis".



  • The spell's name is a reference to The Edge, Bono, and the band U2.
  • Is the first spell used in the show

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