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Planet Earth
Location Somewhere in Milky Way
Inhabitant Human Race, Creatures of Magic and other lifeforms
First Crazy 10-Minute Sale

"This is a delicate system"-Mother Nature, Don't Rain on Justin's Parade - Earth

Earth or the Real World is a planet the Solar System and it circles around a star that the inhabitants call Sun. Earth is the home of the human race, who, unknowst to them, share it with a infinite number of magic-powered beings.


In the distant past a highly advanced civilization known as Atlantis ruled most of Europe and North Africa but at some point it sunk below the seas.

After the fall of Atlantis, humanity would rise again guided by Wizards, who possibly used their powers to help humanity in its early scientific conquests. But, due to the misuse of the powers by some Wizards, the non-magic humans turned against them. The persecution would be so great that Wizards created a parallel, but independent, dimension adjacent to Earth. Soon other magic creatures followed and, without any proof of the existence of magic left, humans would embrace science.

In 2011, Earth was shaken by two events:

In a no so distant future, magic will be exposed to the world.

Indigenous Species

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