“Dude Looks Like Shakira”
Dude Looks Like Shakira
Season 3, Episode 13
Air date

April 16, 2010


Peter Murrieta


Victor Gonzalez

Episode Chronology


Detention Election


Eat to the Beat

"Dude Looks Like Shakira" is the thirteenth episode of season three of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the sixty-fourth of the overall series. It first aired on April 16, 2010.


Alex, Justin and Max are shocked to discover that international music sensation Shakira is actually their Uncle Kelbo, who has been abusing one of the first of the Eleven Wizard Rules. Unfortunately for Uncle Kelbo, he can no longer control when transformation between himself and Shakira happens.


  • When you're tired of the same story, turn some pages, (something or someone) — turns the user into something or someone.



Special Guest Star

Guest Starring

  • Jeff Garlin as Uncle Kelbo
  • Michael Monken as MacGruder


  • This episode's name is like "Dude (Looks like a Lady)", a song by the American rock band Aerosmith, which was covered by Shakira.

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