Full name



Justin Russo (ex-boyfriend)

First ep

"Family Game Night"

Last ep

"Family Game Night"

Portrayed by

Christa B. Allen

Daphne (Christa B. Allen) was a character that appeared in the Season 2 episode "Family Game Night".

Daphne was extremely obsessed with Justin but he didn't reciprocate her feelings, though she doesn't notice this. The reason she has a crush on Justin is because the night before, they were both at the art museum alone and he always looked at her. Justin  said that the only reason was because no one else showed up and that he looked at her because she was in front of all the other paintings. After many failed attempts to get rid of her, Justin finally comes up with a plan to scare her off by introducing her to his family during one of their disastrous family game nights.

The night goes well at first, much to Justin's horror, until it's Alex's turn at charades, where Theresa accuses her of cheating. This turns into a full-blown argument, and, just as Justin anticipated, the whole family starts yelling at one another, and scares Daphne away.

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