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Alex and Chase talking

The Chase-Alex relationship is the pairing of wizard Alex Russo and beast tamer Chase Riprock.

Introduced in "Beast Tamer", Chase attempted to teach Alex a trick for beast taming. It gets out of hand when Chase tries to kiss Alex while she is with Mason.

Alex Chase

Alex with Chase

In "Wizard of the Year", Alex wins the award and Chase comes over to congratulate her. It started to become a rumor that she and Chase were a couple. Alex tells Mason they're not, but he doesn't believe her. Alex gets upset that Mason does not believe her and takes Chase to the ceremony for winning the Wizard of the Year award. Mason  gets angry when he finds out. Mason and Chase force her to choose one of them, but she chooses neither, saying that Mason should have trusted her when she said she and Chase were not dating. She doesn't choose Chase, either;she tells him that she literally just broke up 5 seconds ago and was not ready for a new relationship. Then after this episode, she and Chase are never seen talking on-screen again.

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