Alex and Harper with Cab 804

Alex and Harper with Cab 804

Cab 804 is the cab Alex Russo was born in. It is featured in Taxi Dance when it was going to be scrapped but Alex accidentally brought it to life when she meant to fix it.


Cab 804 is an old 1970-1990s cab and is yellow like all the cabs in New York. It has a black and white checkered strip printed on the side. It has a white sign on the top with 804 printed on it. 804 is also printed on the front. It has a large silver front bumper and silver radiator. It has a Canadian Rockies car freshener hanging from the rear view mirror.


Cab 804 is very special to the Russo family.The family knows every thing and remembers everything about this cab.Compared to the room Justin was born in they don't remember anything about it.


  • Cab 804 likes to be called Bert as shown in Taxi Dance.
  • The driver of cab 804 considers himself as Alex's uncle since Alex was born in cab 804.
  • Alex was born in the back seat of the cab.
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