Dean and Alex
The basement is located under the sub station and is quite large. Alex once created an art studio in the basement. Not only is it a basement but it is also a garage where Jerry keeps his old sports car seen in Racing. The basement now remands Harper's bedroom because she moved in. There is a flight of steps leading to the basement with a metal pole hanging above it which everyone seems to hit their head on when walking down. It was revealed in a episode when the family (Alex, Justin, Max, Jerry and Terrisa) go back to the 50's that the basement is haunted (in the future did they finally remove the ghosts in the basement). Harper (who went with them to the 50's) replied "I knew I was seeing things".


  • It is not shown where the top of the stairs is.
  • Jerry keeps his antique sports car down there shown in Racing, but for every other episode the basement is featured the car is gone.
  • they got the idea from Home Improvement where Tim Taylor hits his head on a pipe whenever he walks down into a basement.
  • Its haunted (as shown above)

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