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“Back to Max”
Back to max 5
Season 4, Episode 10
Air date

March 11, 2011


Todd J. Greenwald


Guy Distad

Episode Chronology


Wizards vs. Angels


Zeke Finds Out

"Back to Max" is the tenth episode of season four of Wizards of Waverly Place, and the eighty-ninth of the overall series. It first aired on March 11, 2011.


Justin invites Professor Crumbs to check on his class of delinquent wizards,to see how they're doing with their wizard training. During the conversation, Maxine interrupts,which causes Alex and Justin to freak out since they don't know how to explain "Maxine."

So now they're faced with a new hurdle,find a way to turn Maxine back to Max before he can tell Professor Crumbs, what Justin and Alex did to him. Meanwhile, "America's Got Talent" runner-up Jackie Evancho sings at Tribeca Prep's "Spirit of America Play," which gives Harper a run for her money as she takes the stage for the first time. Maxine wants to get close to Talia so when she turns back to Max, Talia will like him. Maxine takes Harper's solo in the play, singing "Home on the Range"

Meanwhile, Jerry and Theresa are signed up by Harper to be on the decorating committee. Laritate puts them on streamer patrol, but Theresa said they can do better, so they bought a bunch of little plastic flags. Laritate says they are the lazy parents who didn't make anything, unlike the Carbonaro's who built a cannon. They have an idea to put confetti in the cannon for a big grand finale.

When Crumbs shows up, they freak out and try to cast a spell on Maxine to turn her back to Max, before he gets in the room, but another crossed spell happens and Crumbs is turned into a 10 year old boy. He says there is a potion to fix crossed mutant spells, but he is having so much fun as a little boy he won't reveal the ingredients. Later Alex tricks Crumbs into revealing the ingredients, before tricking him into drinking the potion, then Maxine drank the potion,and neither one changed back.

That night at the play, Crumbs changes back. During the solo, Maxine begins to glow. Alex tells her dad what's going to happen, and he runs on stage. As Maxine is about to turn back, Jerry activates the confetti cannon, not letting anyone see Maxine turn to Max. At the end of the episode, Max tells Crumbs about how he was turned into Maxine, and Crumbs replies "So they turned me into a 10 year old boy. Now we're back, they're splendid with magic!", leaving everyone surprised and shocked they continue to hug at the end with the ending tagline of Alex saying "When you're a winner, go to dinner. PIZZA PARTY!".


  • In this episode, Professor Crumbs said that everyone in his family was born with beards, yet in the episode Saving Wiz-Tech Part ll, his beard was detachable. This could be considered a goof.


Guest Stars


  • McKaley Miller as Talia

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