Archie (Steve Valentine) is a character who appears in Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie. Archie is a skilled, but unlucky and sardonic illusionist and con artist, and serves as the comical foil of the movie. He was born a wizard, but lost to his brother in their family Wizard Competition. He and Giselle constantly get in trouble with local authorities and try to convince the Russos to search for the "Stone of the Dreams", but fail due to Jerry and Theresa's distrust of them.

However, after a time paradox caused by Alex that could destroy the entire family, she and Justin have no choice other than to find the object. During the movie, Archie serves as an assistant of Giselle, helping her due both to his crush on her and his own personal desires in getting the Stone. But despite his greediness, Archie proves to be much more good-natured than Giselle, and both remorseful, for going too far, and upset with Giselle's unfaithfulness, he stood up, got revenge over her by stealing the Stone from her and redeeming himself by giving it to Theresa, undoing all the incidents of the movie.

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