Parallel Universes
Location outside of our universe
Inhabitant varies
First First Kiss

"You could create a alternative universe where a hour there is a minute in ours ..."-Alex , First Kiss

Alternative Universes, also refered as Weird Alternative Magic Universe, are parallel dimensions that cover the enterity of reality: in other words, includes Earth , the Wizard World, the Afterlife, Magic Limbos and any other dimensions.

These universes usualy are copies of our own but tend to differ in certain but quite crucial ditails.

Travel between Universes

The only known way to travel between universes is magic. Other way to travel between universes is by using an extremely powerful enchanted magic mirror, however it will lead to reverse universe.

Creation of Universes

Very powerful supernatural beings such as Wizards can create alternative universes through spells, as Alex did in The Movie. These universes might be dangerous, specially if they deal with the time stream. Universes where a person are not supposed to exist will slowly begun to stript that person of his/hers memories and then erase it.

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