Alex russo has a wand and she casts a majority of spells with it.

It is red with a black handle on wich there is a gem pattern. Diamond,ruby,diamond on three rows.

It was probably given to her when her magic came in or just when she was born. In WIZARDS VS ANGELS PART TWO alex loses her wand on top of Gorog's dark fortress. She retrieves it later after Justin gives it back to her after finding it in Washington square park under the clasp of a two headed dog.

In WIZARDS RETURN:ALEX VS ALEX Alex loses her wand after giving up her powers to destroy bad Alex.

However after realising she could make a very good family wizard after seeing her apreciation for others she get's her wand again along with her powers.

She continues her use of magic until the end of her days.


Selena Gomez took her wand prop home after the finale of wizards of waverly place.

Alex's wand is the second longest wand.The longest is a tie between justin and max.

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