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Justin and Max reading Alex's secret journal

Alex's Journal is full of her secrets like her crush on Dean. She draws herself a knight in shining armour, a teddy bear and a Hello Ponie Blankie.

She uses the spell Literarium Tararium to get inside the book. Gigi finds Jusitn and Max reading the journal and tricks Max into giving it to her. Max then accidentally sends Gigi into Alex's Journal.

Alex figures it out soon even though Jusitn and Max tried to hide it from her. She went into the book and challenged Gigi to a duel. Alex wins but Dean (as the knight) takes of his mask revealing himself to Gigi. Max then accidentally sends Gigi out of the journal. In the end, Gigi tells everyone at her school about the journal and about her crush on Dean. Alex doesn't really care in the end, not wanting to give Gigi the satisfaction.

The journal only appeared in one episode, "Graphic Novel".

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